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We are all a product of our environment.

At COOLA, we are deeply committed to improving the health and safety of our communities, waterways, and habitats through responsible ingredient sourcing and sustainable packaging wherever possible.

Ingredient Sustainability


Farm to Face®

We believe in formulating our products with ingredients that follow sustainable farming practices and support local communities.


Responsible Sourcing

We seek to use ingredients that are sourced responsibly, using minimum impact extraction and harvesting methods.

Waste Reduction



Glass is highly recyclable. We use glass as much as we can, and in fact, the majority of our bottles and jars - over 80% - are made of glass. Plastic is used mainly when needed for the safety and functionality of the product, in which case we strive to use the most responsible options available.


Recycled Materials

Our secondary packaging is made using recyclable materials. We have also taken steps to reduce our carbon footprint by transitioning to packaging that can be flat-packed.


Plastic Reduction

As part of our efforts to reduce plastic and our carbon footprint, all of our tubes are made of sustainably sourced sugar-cane resin.



Over 75% of our cosmetic containers are fully recyclable, with the goal of making our containers 100% recyclable by 2023.

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